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VBL and MWR Team Up!

Major Announcement! VBL has officially teamed up with The MacMillan Whisky Room in an exciting new development that will allow us to bring some really great benefits to VBLers in the near future:

  • Future VBL barrel picks will be available at MWR!

  • VBL meetups and charitable events!

  • Collaboration with more distilleries to bring the finest juice to the masses along with a more robust expertise to our barrel picks.

  • Increased visibility for VBL in the Northern Virginia area and growing our membership!

Special thanks to MWR owner and VBL member Derek Anderson and team for supporting all of us in this community endeavor of bourbon, banter, and barrels!

Thank you all for the ongoing support and participation in this dynamic community, we can’t wait to see you at The MacMillan!

- The VBL Team

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